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Optical Industry

The only courier in Colorado optimized for the optical industry

Old Glasses

Local Labs

We are proud to service all of the major local labs in Denver.   Same day service from Fort Collins to Pueblo means you can offer your customers unprecedented turn around times.

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Eye Doctors

Our daily service allows you to send work back to the lab within a day.  We can even take out of state work and send it back for you.  See the bottom of this page for a complete list of labs, distributors, and manufacturers that we partner with to save you time printing shipping labels.  Daily service means that we'll take as many parcels as you want to send out every day, all for the same flat rate.

Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page or call our office to learn about pricing and service times for your location.

Optical Glasses
Eye Glasses

National Labs and Distributors

Labs and distributors located outside of Colorado turn to us when they want to save money, decrease shipping times, and boost customer service to a whole new level.


We handle final mile deliveries as well as optical returns back to your lab:

When making deliveries to eye doctors, shipping a master carton to Crystal Courier and having us execute the final mile is always more cost effective and speeds up your deliveries since we get items out the same day.

Getting returns from eye doctors back to your lab/warehouse is easier for everyone.  We collect your items from the 250+ eye doctors that we're in every day, aggregate these into one master carton, and send them back to you that same night using either your UPS label or ours.  Your eye doctors save time printing shipping labels and you get one consolidated shipment at a fraction of the cost.

Optical Return Partners


If you're an optical retailer on our quarterly subscription service, we will gladly take return work for any of these partners

ABB ConCise Optical Group


AVT / Advanced Vision Technologies

Colorado Frame Tech

Cherry Optical

Duffens Optical / Essilor

Eye Print Prosthetics

Hoya Modesto

Hoya Portland

Hoya San Diego

Hoya Seattle

Midland Optical

MJ Optical

Pasch Optical Laboratory

Peak Artisan Lab

Pech Optical Corp

Precision Optical Group Iowa

Edge Tech Optics (formerly Smart O.D.)

VSPOne (All Locations)

Walman Optical Denver

Get In Touch With Us!

We would love to speak with you about serving your needs in the optical industry.  Reach out to us for a quote, references, or just to talk logistics.

Thank you!  We'll be back in touch shortly!

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