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Working at Crystal Courier Service

All Hands In


We're almost a 75 year old company that makes sure we salute our past while embracing our future.  We're proud of where we've been but even more excited about what's next.  Although we're not afraid of change, we're diligent about making sure we change thoughtfully and do things right.

To that end, we put our workforce first.  Without our employees, our company wouldn't be what it is today, nor will it realize our future success.  Many of our employees have been with us for a long time because of our fun culture, comradery, and customers that we serve. Oh yeah...and they like the nature of the work, too.  Read on to see what that's like...

What's Our Work Like?
Watch this short video for an overview of what we do
What Makes
Us Different?
  • We have our own fleet of vehicles that you drive while you're here:  we provide the gas, insurance, and the wear and tear on the car


  • Routes are routine so you'll get to know your territory and your customers

  • Parcels are generally lightweight

  • 95% of our deliveries are for businesses, not to residences

  • Enjoy paid holidays and paid time off

Employee Application

Interested in working at Crystal Courier?  We'd love to speak with you! 

Apply below

Thank you for applying!

Once you apply, we will review your application and get back to you if there is further interest.  Assuming we would like to speak further, you can expect either a phone call or an email back to set up a brief interview at our office.  

If there is continued interest after your interview, we have a few housekeeping items to get through:

  1. You'll be provided with a login to our website to conduct a short aptitude test

  2. Assuming your aptitude test results are successful, we would need to run an MVR (motor vehicle record) check and background check.

  3. Although we do not drug test at the start, we reserve the right to test any employee if we have reason to believe he or she is under the influence while at work.

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