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Crystal Courier Fuel Surcharge

At Crystal Courier, we work hard to control our costs so that we can keep your prices low while maintaining an exceptional level of service and reliability. Unfortunately, one of the biggest headwinds in our cost structure is out of our control, which is fuel. To ensure we are able to remain competitively priced, we implemented a fuel surcharge on June 1, 2022 to help offset spikes in prices at the pump.


Every year when we set our pricing, we calculate the flat fee for our services which includes a gallon of gas at $3.25. We end up absorbing spikes between $3.25 and $3.50 per gallon. However, beyond $3.50 per gallon, we ask that you share the burden of this increased cost by way of a fuel surcharge. To calculate the fuel surcharge on each month’s invoice, we will use the Denver Metro Area current average price for a gallon of regular fuel.  This information can be found at  The actual price of your surcharge will be 0.85% for every $0.10 change in the published price over $3.50.  This structure represents our current volumes, route loads, and vehicle fleet.  For examples of the surcharge levels, please see the table at the bottom of this page.  This surcharge will be effective on all stops after 6/1/22.


Please know that this is our last resort; this certainly isn’t a way to increase profits.  Rather, this is simply necessary to cover the costs of getting our drivers to each stop.  We know that we must remain more competitive than any other delivery option available and we are committed to doing that.


Thank you for your understanding and your continued support.  We truly appreciate your partnership.




Aaron Hoover


Crystal Courier Service

Fuel Surcharge Chart.png

For example, if your base per-stop fee is $10 and the average price of fuel for the month is $4.45, your cost for that stop would now be $10 x 1.0765 = $10.77

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